Entrance to the botanical garden in Marszewo.. Foto: Oriana Pfister

Forest Botanical Garden Marszewo, Poland

Forest Botanical Garden 'Marszewo' is one of the youngest botanical gardens in Poland, established in 2010 according to the decision of the General Director for Environmental Protection in Poland. It is founded and maintained by the Gdańsk Forest District - a part of Polish State Forests. The garden is also a member of the Council of Botanical Gardens in Poland.

Marszewo garden covers the area of ca. 50 ha located in the suburbs of the Gdynia city (N Poland). Within the area the central part (5 ha) are taken by botanical collections and buildings, while the rest are forests - mainly beech and oak-hornbeam forests.

There are 16 botanical collections, focused on plants typical for Pomerania region. They are mostly varied forest species, but also such collections as: orchard of old fruit trees, geographically alien species or collection of medical and edible plants.

Forest Botanical Garden 'Marszewo' is also main educational centre in Gdańsk Forest District, which is a part of the Promotional Forest Complex - 'Lasy Oliwsko-Darżlubskie'. The varied, free of charge outdoor and indoor activities are provided by experiences educators (foresters and botanist) for organized groups of varied age.

Education is focused on: biodiversity of forests, sustainable forest management and natural and cultural heritage.

For individual visitors 'Marszewo' garden offers two series of events:

Garden Sundays - Workshops and classes carried out by specialists (i.a. zoologists, botanists and foresters) on each Sunday from April to end of September Winter Sundays with birds - events organized in cooperation with the Operation Baltic Fund every second Sunday from December to February, as a part of the whole-country `Feeder action’ in Poland.

The “Attractive Hardwoods” project will help to develop the garden into more international dimension by introducing the QR codes that will link to the on line descriptions of the particular installations.

  • Last Updated: 1/9/2024