About us

The Swedish Forest Agency is the national authority in charge of forest-related issues. Our main function is to promote the kind of management of Sweden's forests that enables the objectives of forest policy to be attained.

The forest policy places equal emphasis on two main objectives: production goals and environmental goals. As the administrative body in charge of implementing the forest policy, we cooperate with representatives from the forest industries and environmental sector towards the goals of economically and ecologically sustainable forestry.

We are placed under the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure. Each year we receive direction from the government with goals and the financial framework for the organization.

Sweden’s forests are a national asset and resource. It is important that the forest is managed to give sustainable high yields while biological diversity is maintained. Forest management should even show consideration to other interests, such as the public’s need of forest environments for recreation.

The general public is strongly engaged in issues related to forests and forestry. It is important for society that the forests resources are used without using them up so future generations benefit from this national asset.