TvÃ¥ personer i skogen samtalar. Foto: Camilla Zilo Två personer i skogen samtalar. Foto: Camilla Zilo. Foto: Camilla Zilo


The Forest Agency has offices in approximately 75 places in the country, with the head office in Jönköping.

The Forest Agency is led by the Director-General. A board appointed by the government has utmost responsibility. Two departments, the Forest Department and the Administrative Department, support the daily operations.

Several of the employees in these departments are stationed in local offices located around the country.

An important part of our work is field-based, such as inventories, site visits and our contacts with forest owners. This role is largely carried out by the local districts, which are geographically divided into three regions.

Almost 800 people are employed by the Forest Agency.

Management Group

Members of the Management Group:

  • Herman Sundqvist, Director-General, Swedish Forest Agency
  • Martina Trygg, Head of Administrative Department
  • Staffan Norin, Head of Forest Department
  • Johan Eriksson, Deputy Chief Forest Department 
  • Stina Moberg, Chief Regional Forester of Region Nord
  • Jonas Löfstedt, Chief Regional Forester of Region Mitt
  • Ulrika Kraft Stenlund, Chief Regional Forester of Region Syd
  • Inga-Lena Alm Larsson, Chief Human Resources Division
  • Urban Wigert, Communication Manager
  • Frank Lantz, Chief Financial Division
  • Andrea Airosto, General Counsel
  • Renée Einarsson, Executive assistant.

Our board

The board has the utmost responsibility for decisions within the Agency. The board is appointed by the government.


Mats Wiberg
Director General for legal affairs, the National Property Board Sweden

Other members of the board

Eva Håkansson
Senior Consultant

Anna Furness
CEO, Skogsentreprenörerna

Erik Fahlbeck
Senior Advicer

Per Simonsson
Consultant in Nature conservation

Lotta Möller
Moderator and Writer in natural resource management

Ingrid Petersson
former Director General

Lisa Sennerby Forsse
former Vice-Chancellor, SLU

Herman Sundqvist
Director General, Swedish Forest Agency

Personnel representatives

Magnus Fürst
Chairman, the Union of Civil Servants within the Swedish Forest Agency

Lisa Classon
Chairman, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Organizations within the Swedish Forest Agency

  • Last Updated: 8/31/2023