Königsstuhl National Park. Foto: Oriana Pfister

Attractive Hardwoods destinations

Outstanding ecotourism hardwoods destinations in the South Baltic areas. In this page we have collected beautiful hardwoods destinations around the South Baltic Sea. They are surely worth a visit!

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Welcome to discover these beautiful places!

GERMANY - Island of Rugen


The Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen is situated in a lush natural setting of high conservation value on the eastern shore of Rügen. It encompasses the three major types of ecosystem: forest, wetlands and open habitat. This lends this site an absolutely unique landscape composition.

You can enjoy the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen with the Treetop walk, the interactive exhibition as well as the interesting and educational tours.


Jasmund national park is a nature reserve that hosts the famous chalk cliff Königsstuhl and an ancient beech forest almost untouched by humans hands. This area is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The National Park Centre offers visitors a very special experience full of adventure and educational activities.


  • DŪKŠTAI OAK FOREST (Neries regional park)

This forest is the largest and one of the oldest natural oak forests in Lithuania. It belongs to the Neries regional park situated close to the city of Vilnius.


It is a public park in the town of Kaunas. This park is 84 hectares large and it is the largest urban stand of mature oaks in Europe. The age of the oaks range from 100 to 320 years.



The Slowinski National Park is one of 23 national parks and one of two sea-side parks in Poland. It was founded to preserve in the unchangeable beauty, the system of the seaside lakes, bogs, peatbogs, meadows, seaside woods and forests, but first of all, to maintain a dune belt of spits with moving dunes which unique in Europe.


Wiezyca is the highest elevation in the Szymbark Hills, on the Central European Lowlands, which rises to a height of 328.6 m above the sea level.

On the hill there is a metal tower that allows to reach above the tree line. It gives the opportunity to admire the view on each side of the Kashubian land. From the tower there is a view of the Szymbarsk Hills, the "Radunskie Lake Circle", and the "Kashubian Way" can also be seen.


The oldest Forest Botanical Garden in Poland. The Arboretum is located near Starogard Gdanski. It occupies about 70 hectares and consists of the two parts: park and forest. There are 830 species of trees and shrubs on the site.

SWEDEN - Region of Blekinge

  • - nature reserve and NATURA 2000 area

The nature reserve of Gö is located in the municipality of Ronneby approximately 7 km southeast of the city. It is 1940 hectares large and hosts the largest continuous oaks forest area in Blekinge. It is a popular recreation area where you can enjoy swimming, walking and different excursions. The reserve is also a sanctuary for plants and animals.

  • HALEN - nature reserve and NATURA 2000 area

The nature reserve of Halen is located in the municipality of Olofström. It was established in 1972 for its great value for the near-urban outdoors activities. Here you find hiking trails, running tracks, riding trails, picnic areas and shelters. In the nature reserve there are many older beech, oak and pine forest stands where you can experience the "feeling of wilderness".

  • SKÄRVA - nature reserve and NATURA 2000 area

This nature reserve is located in the municipality of Karlskrona between the cities of Nättraby and Karlskrona. It is characterized by hardwood forests including beech, oak, ash, lime and hornbeam. It is also rich in pastures that provide a great diversity of plants and animals and old trees that are habitats for lichens, shelf fungi and insects. In spring, the ground is covered in anemones, spring onion, lungwort, root and other herbs.

  • SÄNNESHULTS - nature reserve and NATURA 2000 area

Sänneshults nature reserve is located in the municipality of Ronneby and it hosts one of the largest beech forests in Blekinge.

The reserve consists of part of the lakes of Listersjön and Sannen and the forested area between them. The forest stands are dominated by beech trees with some oaks. Some spruce, old pine and birch swamp forests enrich this nature reserve.

  • TROMTÖ - nature reserve and NATURA 2000 area

The nature reserve of Tromtö is situated in the municipality of Ronneby and it consists of the peninsula, islands, islets and water. It is known for its forests of beech and oak rich in dead trees, hollow trees and trees with bracket fungi.

This is the perfect reserve where to take beautiful walks along the coast, through the fields and in the beech and oak forests.

SWEDEN - Region of Scania


Söderåsen National Park was build in 2001 and covers 1,625 hectares.

It hosts a varied nature like lush deciduous forests, impressive slopes with high cliffs, flowing streams and panoramic views.

The national park’s rift valleys and the deciduous forests host unique flora and fauna. Hundreds of these species are considered threatened with extinction and have been placed on the Swedish “red list” of endangered species. The threatened species show that the area harbours the special and unique habitats needed the natural biodiversity survive.


Bockeboda recreation area is situated west of the town of Kristianstad.

The mixed deciduous forests that characterised the south part of Bockeboda are enriched by centennial oaks.

The area offer many footpaths, running tracks, an outdoor gym and in winter it is possible to go skiing. You find also a barbecue area and toilets.


The recreation area of Frostavallen is situated in the middle of the region of Scania north of the small city of Höör. It is characterised by beech forest, glittering lakes and open landscape. In spring the beech forests offer an unforgettable show when the soil is covered with anemones in bloom.

The recreation areas offer plenty of activities like hiking, fishing and swimming in the lakes.

Parts of Frostavallen recreation area are nature reserves. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in these areas.


Fulltofta is Scania's largest hiking area. Here you find marked paths of different lengths, one nature and culture path and the hiking trail Skåneleden that passes the area.

The landscape is varied with deep forest, open glades, pastures, fields, small and large ponds and several small water streams.

Those who want to learn more about nature and how human influence it should visit the exhibition at Fulltofta Naturcentrum.

Parts of Fulltofta recreation area are nature reserves. This means that there are restrictions on the Right of Public Access in these areas.

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