Karta över Zemaitija Nationalpark, Litauen. Foto: Pfister Oriana

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Žemaitija National Park 

The national park was founded in 1991 and is one of the five national parks in Lithuania. It is situated about 45 km from the Baltic Sea in the Samogitian Highlands and its visitor center is in the city of Plateliai.

The park is one of the partner in the project Attractive Hardwoods and works continuously to improve accessibility and facilities for cross-border tourism and to develop new international products. One of them is a map for visitors who are interested in birdwatching.


Ronneby Brunnsskog

The forest Ronneby Brunnsskog has formed an important part of life at the health resort since the 19th century. It has been used for excursions and different outdoor activities. In particular, it was a good place for bracing walks, where you could experience the beautiful, wild and magnificent forest. The northern part of Brunnsskog is included in Natura 2000, an EU-wide network of nature protection areas, and in the culture reserve Ronneby Brunnspark. The southern part, Södra Brunnsskogen, is a municipal nature reserve.

  • Last Updated: 1/9/2024