Bilderna ska illustrera en artikel om projektet WAMBAF och Blå målklassning i Ryssland.  Foto: Daniel Thorell. Foto: Daniel Thorell

Russia’s work with Blue Targeting

In Russia, WAMBAF Tool Box have for example updated the Blue Targeting field form. Read more about the work with the updates.

Under implementation period, experts delivered three reports based on the data processing from the field studies during the Summer 2020. They also delivered an executive summary aiming to adapt the Blue Targeting field form for North-West Russian conditions:

  1. Results of the in-stream studies of the ichtiofauna and biota, as well as of the habitats of the aquatic species within the model streams in Arkhangelsk region.
  2. Results of the study of the coastal strip (riparian zones) through the inventory of the tree stand and specification of plant species, including the study of the anthropogenic impact upon the model streams in Arkhangelsk region.
  3. Results of the testing of the developed approach at Komi Republic, including testing of the Blue targeting field form at the model streams of Komi Republic.
  4. An executive summary of the studies from Arkhangelsk region, Republic of Karelia and Republic of Komi has been developed, keeping the comprehensive analysis of the above-mentioned reports and interpretation of the results obtained as a result of the studies in all three target regions.

The recommendations for the adaptation of the Blue Targeting field form have been fixed and forwarded to the participating institutions for a general discussion, prior to a personal meeting.

The limitations of the pandemic allowed a personal meeting with the participating institutions in May 2021, engaging the experts to fix the common approach for the North-West of Russia.

The common field form has been agreed, updated and uploaded to the WAMBAF Tool Box website, see Russian Blue Targeting Field Form under Related Documents.

  • Last Updated: 9/28/2021