Plateliai is a Lithuanian demo area with the general aim to demonstrate adaption of beaver management.

Mean annual temperature: 6,5°C
Growing season 202 days
Annual precipitation: 850-1012 millimetres
Landowner: Lithuanian State forest

Site description

(Forest Compartment No. 48, plot No. 16; area: 4.2 ha)

Forest soil site/type: Normal moisture light loamy soils (Ncl), Oxalidosa];
Dominant tree species (Picea abies);

Height: 16.7 m;
DBH: 21 cm;
Growing stock volume (I layer): 220 m3
Holder group: State forest, Forest Enterprise.

Conduced work and time plan for future activities

Installations of Infrastructure: Appropriate accessibility (forest road network).
Will be installed: path, watching tower for visitors, information desk, directive arrows and labels.

Future use

Information on WAMBAF, the main goals and tasks, clarification of the beaver tool and management (as commitment within 5 years after project finish and further on demand).

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024