Torringen is a Swedish demo area with the aim to show beaver management.

Climate data:
Temperature 2,5°C
Precipitation 650 millimetres
Landowners: SCA Skog AB and private forest owners
Coordinates’: Torringen 62.1849°N: 17.0323E

Site description

The demo area is representative for large areas of the forested landscape in Central Sweden. The site is located within the river Ljungan catchment. The area is dominated by spruce forests with occasional broadleaved dominated stands. Most of the stands surrounding the brooks has been thinned and the area around the brooks has previously been ditched.

The demo area consists in total three brooks with beaver dams. In total there were 10 beaver dams within the site, in May 2018 three of the dams were removed. some of these dams were remove and the effect of the removal has been followed by a series of sampling, mainly for hazardous substances.


The site has been used for monitoring the run-off water and sediment chemistry including mercury following the destruction of the dams. Further, the site has been used for beaver management workshops.

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024