Nättingebäcken is a Swedish demo area with the aim to demonstrate adaption of ditch management.

The stream Nättingebäcken (56.37078N:14.238E) is situated close to Osby municipality and stretches from north of the quarries in Hägghult to Simonstorp in the south, where it enters the stream Simontorpsån which in turn connects to the Helge River. Nättingebäcken mainly runs through woodlands, with a significant presence of wetlands. The stream has in parts been affected by human activity in the form of trenching and straightening.

In order to reduce or eliminate the negative effects by ditching activities on the stream from parts of the estate Hägghult 2:1 a sedimentation pool is planned. The site will be comprised by a sedimentation pool and the ditch downstream of it will remain untouched while parts of the ditch system upstream will receive some maintenance. Next to the ditch vegetation will be left to provide shadow and thus reduce overgrowth of the ditch. Site near the stream Nättingebäcken where felling is scheduled. Sveaskog are planning to leave broadleaves within 10 meters of the stream and there no conifers will be planted. That area will then be managed to develop a riparian zone that will be dominated by broadleaves.

Site description

The 8.4 ha large stand is dominated by a 62-year-old Norway spruce stand with a standing volume of 285 m3/hectare, but near the stream Nättingebäcken some broadleaves can be found (although not enough to warrant a percentage in the overall description of the stand). The stand is classed as PG meaning the goal is forestry, but environmental consideration is to be considered when performing felling and/or other forestry measures.

Conduced work and time plan for future activities

  • The area has been evaluated and confirmed as a possible demo site within the WAMBAF project (January 2017).
  • Specification and procurement of suitable contractor (completed March/April 2017).
  • The digging of the sedimentation pool and ditching measures (completed October 2017).
  • Photo documentation of the performed work (completed October 2017).
  • The site needs a signpost and sign concerning ditching and sedimentation pools (completed October 2017).
  • The site is then operational for the field courses within the WAMBAF project.

Installations of Infrastructure

Signpost near site will inform visitors about ditching and sedimentation pools.

Future use

Site will be used for field courses in the WAMBAF project in 2018. Site will also be used within the HMF network to illustrate ditching issues. The site also has the potential to be used in future field excursions and courses connected with ditching.

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024