Beaver in water. Foto: Kenneth Johansson

Tool Box − Beaver

How shall you decide whether to keep or remove a beaver dam? What are the benefits in terms of nature values? What are the potential economic losses? As a support for such a decision, the Beaver Tool has been developed.

This tool box consists of the Beaver Tool Manual, The Beaver Handbook, Beaver Impact Maps, a film and two reports (Good practices and Review).

Beaver Impact Maps

Mapping of methylmercury concentrations in streams at catchment scale is a support to decide on a potential beaver dam removal, to reduce the burden of methylmercury in catchments. You reach the Beaver Impact Maps from WAMBAF's FTP (file transfer protocol) server. Use a FTP client, for example Filezilla, to download the maps. The FTP URL is "ftps://". Log in with username "wambaf" and password ":V:Jji1?E5".

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024