Zednia is a Polish demo area with the aim to demonstrate adaption of riparian forest and observations of changes in the chemical quality of the water in a watercourse occurring as a result of forest management carried out in forests.

Mean annual temperature: 6,9°C
Growing season days: 200-210 days
Annual precipitation: 580 millimetres

Site description

The demo area Żednia (53.09687:23.50572E) is located in the Knyszyńska Forest in the area of the Żednia Forest District along the Świnobródka forest stream. On the banks there are fertile marsh habitats (mixed swampy forest), on which alder stands grow (Alnus glutinosa Gaertn.). Farther from the banks there are poorer and less wet habitats (mixed wet forest, mixed wet forest, mixed fresh forest), on which pine and spruce stands grow. These are tree stands in medium and older age classes.

Conducted work and time plan for future activities

Water in the Świniobródka river and groundwater in wells are controlled three times a year from August 2016. The observation of changes in physicochemical parameters of water occurring as a result of operations in surrounding forests is carried out. In recent years, the decline in the dieback of spruces has been observed, which necessitates their removal and partial reconstruction of stands. In addition, the oldest stands will be gradually removed, and the forest area will be renewed. It can be expected that changes in tree stands will cause changes in water chemistry.

Installations of infrastructure

To control the quality of groundwater flowing from forest areas to the river, one well was installed on both banks. Surface water for tests is taken about 500 meters before wells, at the level of wells and about one kilometre after wells. The scheme below presents the locations of sampling water in the river and groundwater for chemical analyzes.

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024