Lakärret is a Swedish demo area.

In order to allow filtration of ditch water, measures are planned to lead water through wetland forest stand that is found downstream. To achieve this, we will “dam” part of the ditch system forcing the water to trickle on the surface through the wetland forest and thus filtrating it. Part of an upstream ditch system where we will illustrate ditch maintenance using smaller machines and less impact on the ground. Here a faulty culvert will also be addressed.

Conduced work and time plan for future activities

  • The area has been evaluated and confirmed as a possible demo site within the WAMBAF project (January 2017).
  • Measurements necessary to plan overland flow (completed March 2017).
  • Specification and procurement of suitable contractor (completed March/April 2017).
  • Filtration of ditch water using wetland forest and ditch management of parts of the ditch system. (completed October 2017).
  • Photo documentation of the performed work (completed October 2017).
  • The site needs a signpost and sign concerning ditching and Filtration of ditch water using wetland forest (completed October 2017).
  • The site is then operational for the field courses within the WAMBAF project.

Installations of Infrastructure

Signpost near site will inform visitors about ditching and filtration of ditch water using wetland forest.

Future use

Site will be used for field courses in the WAMBAF project in 2018. The site also has the potential to be used in future field excursions and courses connected with ditching. 

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024