Drainage systems, Poland. Foto: Daniel Palm

Drainage systems in Poland

A recent analysis of the water management in Polish forests showed that the drainage systems are working only periodically.

In the past, the discharge of water from melting of snow in the spring played a large role. Currently, due to warm winters the problem of excess water is not important. Practically, ditches in forests are used for drainage of water during rainstorms or raising the ground water table after fires, hurricanes or clear cuts on larger areas.

The area of ​​forests on drained peat bogs is very small. Most drainage systems exist on mineral soils. Therefore, the problem of maintenance of ditches impact on water quality in Poland is negligible and is not carried out in this field of research. However, the impact of land use on water quality in the rivers, the impact of deforestation affects surface water quality to a higher degree. A study concerning the legal basis for the design and maintenance of buffer zones, drainage systems and problems related to the activity of beavers has been made.

The selected demo areas in the WAMBAF project objects illustrates the impact on water quality from buffer zones, beaver dams and drainage systems.

Edward Pierzgalski

  • Last Updated: 4/6/2017