Simmande bäver.  Foto: Mostphotos

All data for the beaver dam impact map is collected

How are things going with the beaver impact maps developed in the project? Frauke Ecke tells us in an interview.

How are things going with the development of the beaver dam impact maps?

− We are a bit behind schedule, it has been challenging to gather the GIS information we need. It was especially the digitation elevation model for all geographical areas that was hard to get. The existing data is not always in the right format.

But now you have got all the data?

− Yes, we have got all the raw data we need and now we can start modelling. The first simulation will be done by the WAMBAF Tool Box partner SLU.

What is the next step?

− We need to make some assumptions on the width of the beaver dams. The length and width of the beaver dam determines the flooded area. We will run some simulations to find out which beaver dam width is the most appropriate. We will then validate this simulation with real pond data.

Do you have anything else to tell us?

− Yes, we have managed to get GIS information also from Poland and Latvia. This means that we can make the simulation for these areas as well and that is very positive! It is even more geographical areas than we had promised from the start.

  • Last Updated: 6/9/2020