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The work with the Drainage Manual has started

One part of the project is to produce a manual for constructing water protection solutions in the forest drainage operations. The manual will give detailed technical instructions and a list of materials needed for constructing the water protections systems described in WAMBAF drainage guidelines.

The manual will be published in English, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish. Leena Finér, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), is responsible for the Drainage Manual.

Leena, how are things going with the Drainage Manual?

− We have formed a group consisting of the representatives of the partners to work with the drainage manual. We have outlined the content of the manual, shared tasks for its writing and prepared a timetable for the work.

What happens next?

− Luke/Finland will lead the writing of the manual and the other partners will contribute by comments and national information. In Finland, specialists from the organizations Tapio Oy and Finnish Forest Centre will provide us text and material for the manual. They have long practical experience in developing, planning and constructing water protection structures to ditch network maintenance areas.

When do you expect to be finished with the manual?

− Our goal is to have the manual available for the training courses organized by WAMBAF Tool Box in the autumn 2020.

  • Last Updated: 11/6/2019