En bäck rinner genom en skog. Foto: Johan Nitare

Full speed with the Wet Area Maps

A workshop is held in Umeå, Sweden, and the maps of WAMBAF's test areas will be delivered before Christmas - the work with the Wet Area Maps is in full swing.

Anneli Ågren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, is responsible for the activity Wet Area Maps.

Anneli, how are things going with the Wet Area Maps?

− We are currently making the preparations for the workshop on Wet Area Mapping with Machine Learning (6-8 November in Umeå).

Are there any difficulties?

− One challenge is the sheer amount of data that needs to be processed in order to generate the maps.

What happens next?

− For Sweden (where the work with the Wet Area Maps started), Machine Learned Wet Area Maps of test areas will be delivered to the Swedish Forest Agency and made public before Christmas. After getting some feedback from users in the test areas we will deliver the maps for all of Sweden next year.

− Participants from other countries will also start the work on generating Wet Area Maps for their countries.

  • Last Updated: 11/6/2019