Forest attribute maps and Laser scanning

The Government has commissioned the Swedish Forest Agency (Skogsstyrelsen) together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the National Land Survey's (Lantmäteriet) to update, develop and distribute laser scanning and Forest attribute maps (Skogliga grunddata) and other basic forest data.

The yearly funds of 12 million SEK are allocated accordingly 

  • The Forest Agency has 1 million for leading the project, to distribute data and communicate results.
  • The Swedish Land Survey has SEK 10 million for the collection of laser data. The assignment also includes storage and provision of laser data.
  • SLU has 1 million for developing models and producing the forest attribute maps.

The Forest sector are contributing by co-funding the laser scanning. Today 8 forest companies and organizations are financially supporting the collection of airborne laser data, which have resulted in reduction of the time needed to cover the Swedish forest land area from nearly 9 years to approximately 7 years.

The purpose of the assignment is to contribute to increased wood production and more efficient environmental consideration in forestry. This has given the forest sector good access to digital information and great opportunities for efficiency and quality improvements. Both laser data and forest attribute maps are providing a good knowledge base and enable the development of many other maps and digital services. The data are also contributing to other sectors in society.

During the period 2009 - 2016, the first version of the forest attribute map was produced for the whole of Sweden using information from laser scanning and data from the SLU Swedish National Forest Inventory's sample plots.

The second laser scanning started in 2018 and are expected to be finished in 2024. The status of the laser scanning and production of forest attribute maps can be followed in an interactive map.

Laser scanning data and forest attribute maps are open data and free to download.

Laser scanning data are available through Lantmäteriet.

Forest attribute maps are available through FTP, REST API or WMS (you need a user account) or in map applications. In the map application you can for example see different maps, calculate attributes for your own forest stand or calculate up to date information of volumes by using the tool "Virkesförråd".

Forest attribute maps include the following data

Forest attribute maps – ground (Skogliga grunddata - mark)

  • Slope (1 m resolution)
  • Wet area map ( 2 m resolution)
  • Ditches (2 m resolution)

Forest attribute maps – forest (Skogliga grunddata - skog)

  • Tree height in decimeter (1 m resolution)
  • Volume, m3sk/ha (12.5 m resolution)
  • Basal area, m2/ha (12.5 m resolution)
  • Mean height, basal area weighted, decimeter (12.5 m resolution)
  • Mean diameter, basal area weighted, centimeter (12.5 m resolution)
  • Biomass, ton TS /ha (12.5 m resolution)
  • Last Updated: 1/17/2023