Beaver swimming in the water. Foto: Kenneth Johansson

Celebrate the international beaver day

The International Beaver Day is approaching! It occurs on the 7:th of April and since WAMBAF is very engaged in beaver related questions, we encourage you all to celebrate this day together with us.

This is a fine day to hike to a beaver pond, arrange a display of books in your library, show a beaver video, and/or otherwise spread the word about our most prominent ecosystem engineer.

We challenge you with a competition

Take a selfie of yourself and a Castor fiber!

Go out in the field and try to take a selfie with you and a Castor fiber beaver or with any beaver accomplished feature like a felled tree, a beaver pond etc. The funnier the picture, the better! It does not have to be of good photographical quality, a cellular phone will do fine.  

Take part in this fun competition and win a small but nice price. The winner will be presented at the International Workshop on Beaver management arranged by WAMBAF in Sundsvall 15-16 May 2018. During this meeting, leading international beaver researchers will be participating, and a Castor fiber-selfie is a fun and engaging way of communicating the work WAMBAF is doing.

Rules to compete

  • The Castor fiber must be alive when taking the picture.
  • It has to be a wild animal.
  • You must not disturb the beaver or the beavers construction in a significant way. Please keep in mind that beavers are wild animals and don’t like too close human contact.
  • Pictures at taken at your own risk.
  • The picture can be taken with any camera, a cellular phone is ok.
  • The picture must be taken by yourself.
  • The picture must show your face, or at least a part of it, and a  bit of a Castor fiber. It can also show a beaver felled tree, a beaver pond, etc.
  • Put the photo on your Instagram account using the #castorfiberselfie
  • When putting the photo on Instagram, write your name in the comment.
  • Last day for participating is the 1:st of May 2018!
  • A small price will be brought to the winner
  • If you manage to take a selfie with an animal, it will give you a higher chance of winning the competition.
  • Anyone can participate.
  • Last Updated: 4/3/2018