Water flowing in nature. Foto: Josefina Sköld

Baltic version of Blue Targeting

The Swedish forest planning tool Blue Targeting has been developed into a Baltic version.

The work was done during 2017 and it was tested for potential future target groups during the summer. These tests was performed in Finland, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Electronical version of the tool

The input from these target groups was analyzed and it showed out that the general opinion was that the target groups are positive to the tool and that they wanted an electronical version.

The winter has been spent, producing an English manual. This manual is soon to be finished. The work will be finished during spring 2018.

Implementation in other countries

The implementation of the tool has also started in Latvia. There is ongoing discussions with a forest consultant bureau, and in Finland there is a discussion how to implement the tool into the landscape ecological planning.

  • Last Updated: 3/5/2018