Ownership Classes

Definition of ownership classes in Forestry statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency

Public ownership

The sum of the categories State, State owned companies/corporations and Other public ownership.

  • State - Swedish state owned institutions funds, foundation etc, for example the National Property Board, National Fortifications Administration, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Forest Agency.
  • State owned companies/corporations - Companies/corporations more than 50 percent administrated by the Swedish government, for example Sveaskog AB, AB Göta kanalbolag, Akademiska Hus AB.
  • Other public owners - Swedish local and county councils including limited companies, foundations and funds ow ned to 50 percent or more by local and county councils.

Private ownership

The sum of the categories Private-sector, companies/corporations, Individual owners and Other private owners.

  • Private-sector companies/corporations - Company/corporation that is more than 50 percent privately owned.
  • Individual owners - Single owner, estates and small companies (sole trader).
  • Other private owners - Religious associations including the Swedish Church, privately owned foundations and funds, profit and non-profit associations, profit driven community groups.


In some tables the category “Other” is used. It refers to the sum of the remaining categories that have not been specified in the table. This means that the content in category “Other” can differ between different tables.

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2024