Work in a wood factory. Two women sands a wooden door. Foto: @ Camilla Zilo

Mentoring support for a Change Project (CP) in the participant’s home countries

Starting in the mid-term workshop, each participant will carry out a Change Project based in their own organization and/or jointly with another participant in another organization relevant to FLR. This project is intended to last for about 20% of full-time (one day per week) for four months.

Participants must include their project idea in their application. The idea will be further developed and initiated with help from mentors and other participants during the course in Sweden.

The project type and objective should be adapted to the context and needs of the participant’s country, and the mandate of the participant’s organisation (see a list of examples below).

Support a national, regional or local process

A CP should support a national, regional or local process to strengthen enabling conditions for sustainable and scalable forest restoration.

Depending on the mandate of the participant’s organisation, this can be improved governance, support for ecosystem services, or support for local entrepreneurship and sustainable value chains, or a mixture of all these.

CP requirements

CPs must be approved by the applicant’s organization. Priority will be given to proposals where two or more participants from different organizations and/or sectors in the same country unite in one project. Well-motivated, individual CP proposals can also be accepted. In the start-up meeting and in the mid-term workshop, the participants will review the CP proposals together with fellow participants and the programme team.

Regular feedback by mentors

Each CP will be allocated one or two mentors from the training programme. These mentors will be involved from the mid-term workshop. Participants will have regular contact with the mentors for regular feedback and questions throughout the project period.

Examples of Change Projects

In the document below you can find 22 examples of Change Projects. The examples illustrate the breadth of potential CP subjects and objectives and is not exhaustive.

The suggested collaborations are only indicative. CP teams can be made up of two or more people. Well-motivated CPs can be completed by an individual for their own organisation.


  • Last Updated: 7/27/2023