Group of people on a field trip. Visit at restored multi-species forest at Sodo Gurage. Foto: @ Camilla Zilo

Intensive mid-term workshop

The intensive mid-term workshop is in the heart of the of the training programme. The objective of this workshop is to discuss how LoCoFoRest can be developed in your country/region, and how participants can benefit from the LoCoFoRest Change Project method. The workshop will be one to two weeks in duration in Sweden or in one of the six programme-countries

The most important components of the mid-term workshop will be field visits and interactive activities with mentors and fellow participants to finalize participant’s CP plans.

Also, the Swedish forest sector narrative; the driving forces for the historic restoration of degraded forests and the development of policies and governance systems to balance the economic, social, and ecological values. This will be covered shortly as a backdrop for the workshop.

Presentations by experts are mixed with interactive exercises and discussions, as well as field excursions and visits to various actors in the forest sector. Relevant regional and national FLR stakeholders will be invited to participate in one part of the mid-term workshop to share their experiences and discuss LoCoFoRest and FLR broadly. As such, colleagues and leaders in the participants’ organizations will be prioritized invitees.

Photo: LoCoFoRest field trip 2023, Ethiopia.

  • Last Updated: 7/27/2023