Geodata map

National Forest Attribute Maps

The Forest attribute maps are maps describing the forests and ground.

The following products are available:

  • Forest - Tree Crown Height (surface model), Volume, Basal area, Mean height, Mean diameter, Biomass, Thinning
  • Ground - Hillshade, Slope, Soil moisture map.

Other national map products

  • Forest: Tree species from SLU Forest Map
  • Ground: Peat map, Ditches
  • Cultural heritage values: Charcoal pits
  • Change detection: Final felling, Forest damages (spruce bark beetle, forest fires).

Data sources for national map products

The most important data sources for creating national map products and services include airborne sensors such as laser scanning, aerial photos, and satellite images, as well as drones. Furthermore, high quality reference data is required, which mainly comes from the National Forest Inventory (NFI) and other inventories as well as specific derived annotations.

Applications in forestry

The products are so-called "Analysis Ready Data" and are used in forestry planning, restoration, forest condition assessment, as well as forest monitoring, and they constitute an important basis for digitalisation.

Collaborations with others

The Swedish Forest Agency collaborate with several research groups and other stakeholders for development and distribution of further map products.

Some of the results are shared through the National Forest Data Lab which is a collaboration platform jointly managed by the Swedish Forest Agency and SLU and developed in cooperation with other stakeholders.


(Photo: High resolution laser scanning from Hexagon)

  • Last Updated: 5/28/2024