Excursion and workshop: Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia

27 juni - 29 juni

Save the dates for the excursion and workshop “Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia” that will take palace in the areas around Haparanda/Oulu between the 27th and 29th of June 2023.

The excursion and workshop is organized by the SNS-financed TolerantTree network in cooperation with researchers and agencies in Sweden and Finland. It aims compare and discuss the damages by ungulates and pathogenic fungi (in particular Cronartium pini) on pines in Northern Sweden and Northern Finland.
The excursion will begin at sites damages by pathogens and ungulates in Sweden the first day and then continue to sites in the area around Oulu the second day the excursion will be concluded with a scientific workshop on the current knowledge on the biotic threats and the mitigation strategies, held in Oulu.