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Strongly increased interest in notified area of final felling in the region South of Sweden

Statistik - 13 November 2018

The notified area of final felling increased by 24 percent in October in the region South of Sweden, compared to the same month last year, according to the latest monthly statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency. It is the highest monthly recorded data since 2009 in the region South of Sweden.

In the whole country, the notified area of final increased by 10 percent and amounted to 35,828 hectares in October. In the region South of Northern Sweden, the notified area of final felling increased by 30 percent. The main reason for the increase was due to the forest fires of the summer, which is now reported in the statistics as the notified area of final felling.

The statistics for the region North of Sweden amounted to 8,588 hectares which remained unchanged compared to the October month last year. However, it decreased by 10 percent in the region of Central Sweden.

On county level, the notified area of final felling increased in 16 of 21 counties. The largest increase was in Gävleborg County by 95 percent, in Östergötland County by 66 percent and in Jönköping County by 39 percent. There was a decline in notified area of final felling in Dalarna County by 35 percent and in Skåne County by 26 percent.

During the first ten months of the year, nine percent more area has been reported compared with the same period last year.

Statistics refer to total notifications and applications for permission in productive forest land for final felling

The survey is part of Official Statistics of Sweden.

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