Several statistical data sources support that harvesting has not increased

Nyhet | Statistik - 06 October 2020

In an article in the journal Nature, a research team claims that harvesting in the EU has increased dramatically in recent years. The Swedish Forest Agency has now compiled several different independent statistical data sources to clarify that this conclusion is incorrect.

The article in Nature was published on July 1 and quickly gained a lot of attention. The research team that wrote the article claims that harvesting within the EU has increased by 49 percent in recent years, and that Sweden and Finland contributed to most of this increase.

The Swedish Forest Agency and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences immediately questioned the article's conclusions, as they do not correspond with Swedish felling statistics. To further clarify that the conclusion on increased harvesting is not correct, the Swedish Forest Agency has now compiled a number of independent statistical data sources.

– We note that neither in the Swedish felling statistics, production statistics, foreign trade statistics, energy statistics nor employment statistics is there any support that harvesting has increased to the extent that the authors claim, says Jonas Paulsson, statistician at the Swedish Forest Agency.


Jonas Paulsson, statistician, Swedish Forest Agency, tel. +46 (0)19-44 64 07,

Svante Claesson, Head of Unit, Swedish Forest Agency, tel. +46 (0)36-35 93 68,