Notified areas for final felling still less than 2019

Nyhet | Statistik - 10 November 2020

New statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency show that in October, forest owners in Sweden notified a slightly smaller area for final felling than in October last year. Notifications increased in Southern Norrland and Götaland however.

The total notified area in October in the whole country amounted to 27 552 hectares, which is 2% less than in October 2019. Notified area in October 2020 decreased by 18% in Northern Norrland and by 4% in Svealand. In Götaland, the notified area increased by 14% and in Södra Norrland by 2%, compared with October 2019.

So far this year the area notified for final felling is 218 167 hectares which is 5 per cent less compared to the first ten months in 2019.

During the autumn, statistics regarding applications for logging permits of montane forest have become more and more requested. The Swedish Forest Agency therefore has the ambition to be able to present monthly figures on these applications in our forthcoming publications. As the quality of the material must be assessed before publication, it will be included in our upcoming publications, preliminarily from 15 December.

Decreased notified area for final felling in 14 out of 21 counties

During the first ten months of the year, the decrease was largest in the counties of Stockholm, Kronoberg and Skåne. In seven counties, the notified area has increased during the same period, compared with 2019. The largest increase is found in Gävleborg County.

Statistics refer to total notifications and applications for permission in productive forest land for final felling in mountain forest and valuable broad-leaved forest.

The survey is part of Official Statistics of Sweden.

All results are published in our statistical database.