More area under certification and more voluntary set-asides 2019

Nyhet | Statistik - 19 May 2020

The area of voluntary set-asides increased by 4 percent and the certified area increased by 1 percent in 2019 compared with 2018. This is shown by the Swedish Forest Agency’s annual statistics on voluntary set-asides and certified area.

The area of ​​voluntary set-asides in 2019 is 1.3 million hectares, which is an increase of approximately 45,000 hectares (4 percent) compared with 2018. An increase has occurred in all regions, but not all counties, and is within the category of other landowners, as opposed to individual private landowners.

Certified forest owners account for 84 percent of the area voluntary provisions, which is equivalent to 7.1 percent of their productive forest land.

The productive forest land certified according to PEFC or FSC in 2019 amounted to 14.9 million hectares, which corresponds to 63 percent of all productive forest land in the country. This is an increase of approximately 130,000 hectares (1 percent) compared to 2018.

In the 2020 the Swedish Forest Agency was commissioned by the government to propose a system to monitor the spatial location, duration and environmental quality of the voluntary set-asides. The assignment is carried out in collaboration with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and will be reported no later than September 30, 2020. This may result in changes in developed statistical reporting.

These statistics refer to the area of voluntary set-asides and the area under forest management certification schemes.

The survey is part of Official Statistics of Sweden


Voluntary set-aside – An area of ​​productive forest land for which the landowner has voluntarily decided not to carry out measures that could damage environmental values, cultural environments or social values. The area must be documented in plan or another document.

Other landowners - The state, state-owned limited companies, other public owners, privately owned limited companies.