Increase in volume of deadwood left in forests, but volume of seed and shelter trees decreases

Statistik - 10 April 2019

The results from the latest follow-up of monitoring of environmental considerations in the forest show that the volumes of standing trees for conservation purposes and down wood given as consideration is about 7 cubic meters per hectare each and increases slightly. For the volume left seed and shelter trees, the downward trend seems to continue.

It is mainly pine and birch that has been left for conservation purposes about regeneration felling. On average for pine 3.4 per hectare and for birch 3.3 per hectare were left. Other species of trees were respectively of a lower number.

There is a clear connection between the size and the number of left consideration trees. There are more smaller trees left and fewer larger trees left about regeneration felling.

The volume left hard dead wood is increasing. The latest results show that hard dead wood is estimated at 5.8 cubic meters per hectare. Generally, for the volume of dead wood, it increases by the hardness of the wood.

The areas left about regeneration felling is mainly tree groups, habitats with demand of consideration and protection zones. In the last years inventories, the area of habitats with demand of consideration have increased, from before having had a downward trend.

The results come from the regeneration measures that have been implemented, which means that the latest results relate to felling made for three years average 2007/2008 – 2009/2010. The inventory concerns primarily number of standing trees left for conservation purposes and volume of dead wood left in forests.

All results are found in the statistics database and in Statistical Reports.
The survey is a part of Sweden's official statistics.

Forest cubic meter (m3sk) standing volume (stem volume over bark from stump to tip).





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