Stocks of Roundwood. Foto: Anna Petersson

For the time of year low timber stocks

Nyhet | Statistik - 09 May 2023

Timber stocks amounted to 8.6 million cubic meters on 31 March, according to the Swedish Forest Agency's survey. That is the lowest volume for this time of year since 2018.

Timber stocks on 31 March 2023 totalled 8.6 million cubic meters, which was 13 percent less than the same time last year. Stocks on 31 March 2023 broken down by assortment (comparison with the same time last year):

  • Coniferous sawlogs 3 million cubic meters (-24%)
  • Pulpwood 4.6 million cubic meters (-8%)
  • Pulp chips 1 million cubic meters (+8%)

Most pulpwood stocks consist of softwood pulpwood and amount to 3.7 million cubic meters. This was a decrease of 11 percent compared to the end of March 2022. Stocks of spruce pulpwood are included in softwood pulpwood as of this year's survey.

Stocks of softwood sawlogs were lower than the same time last year in all timber balance areas. Stocks of pulpwood were also lower except in balance area 4.

Changes in the survey

We have made a couple of changes to this year's survey. Stocks of softwood sawlogs at industry and in terminals are from now on reported together. Stocks of softwood, pine pulpwood and spruce pulpwood are now also reported together as softwood pulpwood. Older data for these variables must therefore be combined for a fair comparison with the results for the year.


The cubic meter referred to is m3f ub, solid cubic meter without bark


Stocks at end of quarter

Source: Swedish Forest Agency

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