Continued sharp increase in Gävleborg County

Nyhet | Statistik - 12 May 2020

The sharp increase in areas notified for final felling in Gävleborg County in March continued in April, and the notified area more than doubled in comparison with the same month 2019.

The total area notified for final felling for the whole country was 15 072 hectares in April, which is 13 per cent less than the same month in 2019.

  • In region Northern Sweden the notified area decreased by 13 per cent to 2 391hectares, which is about the average note for April during the period 2007–2020.
  • In region South of Northern Sweden the notified area decreased by 11 per cent to 3 861 hectares compared to the same period 2019, which is 8 per cent lower than the average of 4 185hectares for April during the period 2007–2020.
  • In region Central Sweden the notified area increased by 8 per cent compared to April 2019, to 5 188 hectares. This is 36 per cent higher than the average level (3 804 hectares) for the period 2007–2020, and the highest level in 6 years for April.
  • In region Southern Sweden the notified area decreased by 34 per cent compared to April 2019 (3 632 hectares), which is the lowest level for the month in 7 years.

A possible reason for the increase in notified area in Gävleborg County could be the mild weather of this past winter, which caused considerable difficulties for planned winter logging operations due to problems with bearing resistance of the ground. This might have led the forestry sector in the region to increase their activity to take back what was lost earlier in the year.

The decline in notified area for final felling in region Southern Sweden may have several causes. 2019 was a so-called acorn year for the beechnuts and in some part of the region, large areas of beech forests were notified for felling. Large areas of spruce forest were also notified due to damages by bark beetle. Yet another cause may be forest owners adapting to falling timber prices, and high levels of already contracted and standing stock in the forests.

A decline in 14 out of 21 counties

The notified area for final felling declined in 14 counties compared to April 2019. Västmanland County had the largest decline by 56 per cent to 230 hectares compared to 2019. In Kalmar County the decline was 48 per cent compared to April last year and in Blekinge County 45 percent.

Other counties which noted large declines in April compared to the same month 2019 were Västernorrland County by 39 per cent, Kronoberg and Skåne Counties (both 37 per cent), Jämtland County (35 per cent), and Västra Götaland County (31 per cent).

The high levels of notified areas for final felling in February–March in counties Gävleborg and Dalarna continued in April. In Gävleborg County the notifications more than doubled compared to the level in April 2019 (111 per cent), to 3 563 hectares. In Dalarna County the notifications increased by 42 per cent to 1 408 hectares, and in Örebro County they increased by 64 per cent to 836 hectares compared to April last year.

Area of notified final felling so far 2020

As of April 30th, this year 72 203 hectares have been notified for final felling, which is 8 per cent lower than in the first four months 2019.

Statistics refer to total notifications and applications for permission in productive forest land for final felling. A notification or application for final felling need not mean the forest has been felled.

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