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Almost 10 percent of the area of regeneration felling is left as environmental consideration areas

Nyhet | Statistik - 08 December 2022

The median contiguous area of regeneration felling was 2.2 hectares in 2021 and the largest 5 percent of contiguous areas of regeneration were 13.8 hectares or larger. Just under 10 percent of the regeneration area was left as environmental consideration during the felling seasons 2016/17 – 2018/19. The average width of the zones left as consideration areas around water was 11 meters and the proportion of the stretch of shoreline that lacked a zone with consideration areas was 31 percent.

Environmental consideration areas

Areas of consideration were left on just over 81 percent of the regeneration fellings, during the felling seasons 2016/17 – 2018/19. The total area of consideration accounts for just under 10 percent of the area of regeneration fellings for the entire country. In northern and southern Norrland, the proportion of regeneration area left as consideration areas was just over 11 percent and approximately 8 percent in Svealand and Götaland.

Consideration area around water in regeneration felling

On regeneration fellings with some form of shoreline, protective zones have been left as consideration areas on 69 percent of the total stretch of shoreline during the felling seasons 2016/17 – 2018/19. The average width of the zones left around water that have been left is 11 meters. For individual owners, the average width is just under 10 meters and with other owners just under 13 meters.y                                     

Size of contiguous bare forest land

The average size of contiguous bare forest land area following regeneration felling was, in 2021 and for the country as a whole, 4.1 hectares, and the median size is 2.2. The 95th percentile (the five percent largest areas of contiguous bare forest land) is 13.8 hectares or larger. Norra Norrland is the part of the country with the largest areas contiguous bare forest land following regeneration felling. The size of these areas decreases the further south you go in the country.                                   


In this context biotope means consideration that has been left due to some type of environmental value, while development land is an area that has been left as area of consideration without any environmental values being observed.

Shoreline means the stretch where land meets sea, lake or watercourse.

Contiguous bare forest area in this context means areas of regeneration fellings that have a common border and have been carried out within a period of three felling seasons. Regeneration fellings that are less than 20 meters apart are considered to be contiguous regardless of whether they cross a property boundary.

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