Continued large number of applications for final felling in montane forests

Nyhet | Statistik - 15 December 2020

In November 2020, forest owners applied for permits of logging in montane forests over an area almost five times larger compared to November last year, according to new statistics from the Swedish Forest Agency. However, the area of notifications and applications in the rest of the country was unchanged.

During the first eleven months of the year, forest owners applied for final felling on 12,610 hectares of montane forests, which is almost five times as much as the corresponding period in 2019. Most of the applications were received in September. In November, the Swedish Forest Agency received applications for 1,045 hectares, which is also almost five times as much as in November 2019.

Moderate increase in notifications in normal forest

Notifications of final felling in so-called normal forest (forest that is not montane or broad-leaved forest) amounted to 25,048 hectares, which is an increase of 1 percent compared with November 2019.

The total area in applications and notifications in November for the whole country amounted to 26,718 hectares, which is 3 percent more than in November 2019. Applications and notifications excluding the applications on montane forests were unchanged.

Notified area in November 2020 increased by 21 percent in Götaland. In other parts of the country, on the other hand, the notified area decreased. Compared with November 2019, the decrease in Northern Norrland was 8 percent, in Southern Norrland 3 percent and in Svealand 1 percent.

Table 1. Area notifications and applications for final felling permits for the whole country, hectares.

Notification and application November 2019 November 2020 Change
Normal forest      
Notifications for final felling 24 830 25 048 1%
Notifications for felling for other purposes than forestry 637 539 -15%
Montane forest      
Applications for permit of final felling 227 1 046 361%
Application for permit of felling for other purpose than forestry 25 4 -85%
Valuable broad leaved forest      
Applications for permit of final felling 160 74 -54%
Application for permit of felling for other purpose than forestry 10 7 -30%
Total area notified and applied for 25 889 26 718  3%
Total area notified and applied for excluding montane forest 25 637 25 668 0%

Decrease by five percent during 2020

So far this year, 244,885 hectares of forest have been notified for felling, which is 5 percent less than in the first eleven months last year.

At county level, the notified area decreased in 15 of 21 counties

During the first eleven months of the year, the decrease was greatest in Stockholm County (-29 percent), followed by Skåne (-19 percent). In six counties, the notified area has increased during the same period, compared with 2019. However, the increases are moderate, with a maximum of 12 percent for Värmland.

Statistics refer to total notifications and applications for permission in productive forest land for final felling in mountain forest and valuable broad-leaved forest.

The survey is part of Official Statistics of Sweden.

All results are published in our statistical database.


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