91 percent of the area under regeneration was approved

Statistik - 16 October 2019

The proportion of regeneration areas assessed and approved under the Forestry Act has shown a positive development since the turn of the century. The latest 3-year average showed that 91 percent of the area under regeneration was approved under §6 of the Forestry Act. This level is unchanged compared with the previous year’s results and remains at the highest level since the inventory started in 1999.

Regarding ownership class, private forest owners have consistently had a lower level of compliance than other owners during the last two decades. However, this difference between ownership class has steadily reduced and the current results show a difference of 1 percent.

Planting is the forest regeneration method with the highest proportion of approved regeneration, 92%, a figure that has remained the same over the last 4 reporting periods. This is followed by sowing (87 percent of the area approved) and natural regeneration (84 percent of the area approved). On areas where no measures were taken the level of approved regeneration was 55 percent.

The proportion of regeneration areas where soil scarification is used prior to planting continues to increase in Sweden. The latest results show an increase of 3 percent with soil scarification now used on 92 percent of planted regeneration areas. In contrast, the level of soil scarification on areas with natural regeneration has decreased and is at a level of 60 percent. Overall, the level of soil scarification for all regimentation methods remains unchanged at 86 percent.

The number of main plants per hectare following a regeneration has remained stable over the last few years. The latest results show that there are on average 2 469 main plants per hectare in regeneration areas dominated by pine and spruce. There are approximately the same number of pine and spruce plants even if the most common species has swapped between the two over the years.

The survey is part of the Official Statistics of Sweden.

All results are found in the Statistical Database.



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