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Project orientation

The Project consists of three main focus areas

1) Developing the basis for exchange to benefit entrepreneurs of the forestry hardwood chains, focuses on analysis of the day to day situation for entrepreneurs. Project activities will lead to a report on entrepreneurs' working conditions and training needs, and a SWOT-analysis report from each country involved. Data links to bioenergy projects and forest statistics will be presented on the projects website.

2) Innovation and training of models aims at catching the best support practices to foster innovation of entrepreneurs in forest management, extraction of forest products and in small-scale forest based industries. The results will be printed in a handbook.

To create a web based pilot model, based upon visual assessment, enabling comparisons of timber log qualities between countries is another important output of the project.

Within EU there is an ongoing work to find a common system for competence assessment. The project will suggest a system including the steps from harvesting to sawmill. This system will make it possible to validate and compare the knowledge level of entrepreneurs from different countries around the South Baltic Sea. It will also point out weaknesses in the competence profile of the entrepreneurs, which makes complementary education to fill the gaps possible.

3) Setting up a network for hardwood related issues around the South Baltic Sea. The network will consist of project members and enterprises. The project shall define topics of interest to be dealt with in the network.

The network aim at six focus themes:

i) Promote small assortments
ii) Support entrepreneurial involvement in non-wood forest benefits
iii) Promote forest entrepreneurs in rural development
iv) Stimulate and increase female representation in the wood sectors and facilitate contacts between them
v) South Baltic wood market; possibilities of using hardwoods and who is who on the market?
vi) Facilitate constant cooperation between entrepreneurs

  • Last Updated: 3/26/2017