Timmer i högar.

Need of project

Hardwoods are important economic basis in many rural areas around the South Baltic Sea. Without an increased interest for European growth and processed hardwoods the hardwood based forestry related sectors will not survive. Hardwoods have also other values as recreation and shows unique biodiversity. By using hardwood products, originating from sustainable managed forests, you guarantee that future generations will be able to experience the fascination of hardwoods.

An innovative entrepreneurship is the base for a successful development of the branch.

In the hardwood value chain there are lots of problems and challenges that need to be solved.

Here are some examples:

  • Working and economic conditions for entrepreneurs are bad.
  • Support structures for innovations are missing or need to be further developed.
  • Transport chains are indistinct and improvable.
  • Small wood assortments and scattered forest stands require special solutions.
  • Raw material is limited and sawn wood competes with the bio fuel market.
  • Statistics are missing.
  • Increased knowledge on the use of bioenergy is needed.
  • National wood classification systems are not comparable or even missing for hardwoods.
  • Female entrepreneurs are heavily underrepresented in the sector.
  • Last Updated: 3/15/2017