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Wood classification system

The shift from a national to an international business area makes it more and more difficult for SMEs in the hardwood sector to compete in the international roundwood market.

Entrepreneurs having the opportunity to trade wood across countries have to face the next major problem: timber grading rules. Not only every country in some cases even each region and company has its own specifications and guidelines regarding the classification of roundwood.

To promote international trade and make it more economically attractive for SMEs the electronic assessment developed in this project focuses on the support of small and medium-sized enterprises of the hardwood value chain. The concept developed here describes the actual situation in wood classification, problems and opportunities in existing standards and possible solutions for a web-based module.

To solve these problems we have developed a web based wood classification system. The convertion tool, which enables comparisons between different hardwood log standards is complemented with a grading lexicon about terms used when describing different timber characteristics.

A movie, a description of the concept, a link to the conversion tool, and the grading lexicon can be found below.

  • Last Updated: 3/26/2017