Timmer i högar.

SWOT-analysis - hardwood processing chain

South Baltic Region – an under used potential for hardwood production?

The South Baltic Region offers a good potential for developing a regional market for hardwood timber including birch and other broad-leaf trees mainly due to the natural conditions in the Region.

However, it needs to be further assessed if the processing capacities in the Region already have a focus on using regional round wood and further processing the sawn products in the region, or if this needs to be further encouraged and facilitated. The trading and transport infrastructure across the Baltic Sea already is used extensively. But the question remains if effective regional networks between primary and further wood processing are already established to foster a hardwood based value chain.

In the Hardwoods are good project we made a SWOT-analysis, which consider the aspects of natural conditions for growing quality hardwood timber, industry/processing capacity, co-operation of actors who grow, process and trade hardwood, regional infrastructure, human resources and economic opportunities, timber marketing structures, raw material competition, forest management, education and mobilisation of small private properties, timber road transport, working conditions and work force competence.

From this analysis four major goal can be extracted, which may guide further activities in the development work towards a hardwood based value chain in the Region:

(1) Promotion and marketing, (2) Optimisation of the value of raw material and end products, (3) Facilitate business networks and (4) Competence development and innovation.

  • Last Updated: 3/26/2017