Group of people standing in a Swedish forest. Foto: @ Camilla Zilo

Introduction and orientation to LoCoFoRest

Welcome to an introduction and orientation of the International Training Programme Locally Controlled Forest Restoration. (Compulsory reading before applying to the ITP – LoCoFoRest) .

The objective of this short introduction is

  • to enable those interested in participating in LoCoFoRest to gain an understanding of the rational and objectives of the programme. We hope this will motivate you to apply for the programme, and suggest relevant and feasible ideas for change projects which support forest landscape restoration.

After participating in this activity, you should have a better understanding/background to:

  • describe the rational for changes in market- and governance strategies and processes in your country, related to sustainable forest landscape restoration. 
  • suggest a strategy or process in your organisation that needs to change, so that your work can better support local livelihoods, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem services.
  • Last Updated: 6/19/2024