Swedish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry

Skogsstatistisk årsbok 2014

This years Statistical Yearbook of Forestry has now been released an can be downloaded from the website i pdf-format. 

The printed edition will be available in the web shop, under Publications, at the end of October. The book will cost SEK 295. If you want to pre-order a printed book, send an e-mail to Linn Christiansen (see contact details above). 

Swedish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2014 was the last in the series. From 2015, Swedish Forest Agency is only publishing official statistics in the publication Statistical Reports combined with a statistical database on our website. This means that the statistics we produce and are responsible for will be presented in a better and more detailed way. The introduction of Statistical Reports will occur over several years. From 2017 the new publication form will be fully developed.

All tables and figures in the yearbook are also available here at the webb page in Excel-format

Earlier editions of Swedish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry can be ordered as a printed version from the Swedish Forest Agency.  



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